Contactless Receipts: Digital Technologies in Offline Retail

We are going through unprecedented times and every industry is undergoing some rapid behavioural changes. Not all of these changes will be reversible as history suggests. 

The shift in consumer behaviour is only for the greater good even though it has been forced upon us all by Covid-19. As some of the past events in history suggest, resistance to most unconventional businesses(read short-term rentals, ride sharing etc) and their unique business models is more of a reluctance to change habits than anything else. These businesses have existed in some form or another in the past as well but some life changing events like Covid-19 make it  inevitable and irreversible in the long term to not use some of these products and services.

“The coronavirus could be the tipping point for contactless digital receipts in India much like the ride sharing and short-term rental business changed the business landscape in the US and globally forever from 2008 onwards.

Coronavirus is making touch-free shopping experience a necessity and not just another fancy technology that retailers want to enforce upon their customers. It’s high time retailers start embracing contactless shopping experience or risk losing their customers.

Considering the current scenario and its impending impact on retail, now the arguments against #paperless & contactless receipts technology no longer holds water. The conditions for its implementation are more than ideal, and all the concerns that retailers have had for years about the technology, if they really care deep down about their customers and employees, should go out of the window. 

The time is right now more than ever for retailers to implement contactless receipts as a part of the consumer buying experience as fast as possible for three key reasons.

#1 Safety of customers

The shopping experience at any physical retail store is a high touch experience for consumers so while retailers are taking all preventive measures they will be doing a great disservice to their loyal customers if they cannot reduce one touchpoint – “the physical paper bill receipts”.

Paper bill receipts don’t add any value for retailers or consumers but they are still printed for any retail transaction.

Enabling contactless receipts helps retailers eliminate the chance of shoppers carrying a paper receipt right up to the safety of their homes and spreading coronavirus to their immediate family and friends.

#2 Improves shopping experience

With contactless receipts retailers can ensure customers not just have a seamless shopping experience but more importantly a safe shopping experience. eReceipts provide easy and anytime accessibility options to consumers. Since digital receipts have higher open rates, they will undoubtedly help retailers with greater visibility and engagement.

#3 Increase loyalty membership

With personalized contactless receipts,  retailers can have the opportunity to acquire new members for their loyalty programs. With a plethora of loyalty programs out there shoppers are overwhelmed with loyalty programs at every retail they visit, however with contactless digital receipts enables shoppers to sign-up at their convenience instead of being pushed to complete the sign-up formalities at the retail store.

#4 Feedback

Improvement and feedback are a continuous process but there is no easy direct mechanism to take shoppers feedback once they exit a retail store. This becomes a tedious process which is not much liked by shoppers but with contactless digital receipts retailers can enable a continuous feedback mechanism based on shopper buying behaviour.

eReceipts provide a better way to include surveys, NPS, anytime access to digital receipts, replacement, warranty  or voice of the customer feedback. 

With all the key benefits listed earlier it becomes a no-brainer for retailers to offer contactless digital receipts to their shoppers.. Most retailers still provide conventional paper receipts because they rely on POS systems which don’t make it easier for them to enable a digital receipt. 

Oxebox is here to help retailers make this once in a lifetime move ! As we are POS agnostic and can integrate with any cloud or hybrid POS systems out there in the market with minimal one-time API integration.

Now is the perfect time to think about, plan, or roll out this type of program. Interested in learning more? Oxebox is now offering a no questions asked zero set-up costs implementation and 3 months free pilot of our technology to any interested retailer.  

Interested? Reach us now !

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