API for Web Developers to Create and Send PDF Receipts Over Email now available on RapidAPI

Photo by Negative Space on Pexels.com

In this digital age, e-commerce has touched part of everyone’s life at one point or another, be it buying electronics, apparels or paying bills. An important part of these digital transactions is emailing the proof of purchase in the form of PDF receipts, as end users would need them in future for warranty, claims & refunds or to manage their expenses.

For a web developer, it requires time and development efforts to search & setup a reliable PDF library every time a new project comes in. There are not many good PDF libraries, and those which exist, are not so easy to use with the programming language of your choice. Not to mention, the learning curve required to integrate these libraries is equally time taking.

Similarly, setting up email services to send PDF receipts comes with its own challenges. One can use their own servers to send the email receipts, but due to poor server reputations, the emails originated from them often land in user’s spam folders. For guaranteed email delivery, you can use any reputed ESP’s (email service providers) like SendGrid but it can be very costly especially if you are a small business and don’t process too many orders per month (The minimal recurring cost can run up to $80 USD per month with a dedicated IP address).

OxeBox is a platform specialised in the creation and delivery of digital receipts.
Keeping in mind the above scenarios, OxeBox is launching a service for e-commerce developers on RapidAPI platform that can generate PDF bill receipts on-the-fly and at the same time sends them to the customer’s email address. Absolutely no PDF library or Email service provider integration required.

With the FREE plan available on RapidAPI, small businesses can send up to 300 email receipts per month or choose from one of the higher plan based on your business needs.
We’re excited to share this service with the developer community and happy to hear your feedback and suggestions.

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