Top 5 Reasons Why Customers Abandon Shopping Carts

Abandoned carts a nightmare for every online retailer. According to Baymard (a web research company in the UK) the average documented online shopping cart abandonment rate is 69.89%

Retailers tend to use different techniques to recover these lost carts, some popular ones being: sending abandoned cart reminder emails with additional offer discounts, web push notifications,  Facebook messenger notifications, SMS and many more.

While these methods do help merchants recover some of their lost carts, it’s more important to understand the primary reasons why customers didn’t complete the purchase in first place. If you can figure that out well, merchants are likely to get a much higher sales conversion rate.

Here are the top 5 reasons why customers abandon shopping carts:

1. Misleading shipping charges: Unclear or incorrect shipping cost is one of the biggest factors customers don’t complete purchase. If your store claims a FREE shipping on a transaction and you are charging a shipping fee on the checkout page, nobody loves that. Other factors could be charging more than average shipping or longer than usual shipping timelines.
Remember shipping cost & timely delivery of orders is one of the important factors customers look when making an online purchase.

2. Security & payment concerns: Customers feel much more secure when transacting over a secure channel (HTTPS sites in this case). People are less likely to expose their credit card or purchase methods if your e-commerce store is not running over https. Many e-commerce stores have seen an instant jump in conversions simply by putting padlock icon that denotes site is secure.

3. Non-responsive websites: With increasing mobile penetration, users prefer browsing content on their mobile phones, and stores are more likely to see a high cart abandoned rate if their websites are not optimized for mobile devices (tablets/phones etc). Imagine a user unable to click on “Order Now” button after adding items or simply unable to put payment information in the 3rd party credit card popup? Such experiences can be extremely annoying for users and they are unlikely to return to your store.

4. Poor website content: It’s important to put content on your website that looks appealing to customers. Poor quality images, incorrect or unclear product images and descriptions can distract customers. Remember, if a product doesn’t look good, it probably is not good in real. Other website contents that should be very clearly described is your store’s return policy and privacy policy towards your customers.,

5. Forcing users to create the account: Making it mandatory for customers to make an account before they checkout of your store is again like restricting them from making a purchase. Users didn’t visit your store to create accounts but to purchase stuff.
Giving user options to
1) check out as a guest or
2) after creating an account should have a positive impact on your sales conversion rates.
If you still require users to create an account, you can do it post-purchase of the items, by now you have already got customers email address, shipping address etc, and all they need to provide you is a password.

We shared some of the tips you can use on your e-commerce store to increase the checkout success rate. Having said that, you should use any good abandoned cart recovery solution available in the market to further boost your sales.

OxeBox has created a solution (OxeBox Marketing Automation) to recover abandoned carts via automatic email reminders, and it’s available to Shopify powered stores. With OxeBox you can send unlimited email newsletters for store promotions. Sales receipts/invoices, that OxeBox sends, can be configured with promotional offers, social media handles, and YouTube videos to further enhance engagement.

If you are a Shopify powered e-commerce store, you can install OxeBox Marketing automation here and give it a try.

Please let us know your feedback and suggestions in the comments below or you can also reach us directly at

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