OxeBox Digital Receipts API : A Developers Perspective

In this digital age, e-commerce has touched part of everyone’s life at one point or another, be it buying electronics, apparels or paying bills. An important part of these digital transactions is sending the proof of purchase in the form of email receipts, as end users would need them in future for warranty, claims & refunds or to manage their expenses.

OxeBox recently launched a service for e-commerce platforms, that can generate PDF bill receipts on-the-fly and at the same time, it also sends them to the customer’s email address.

This post focuses on a developers viewpoint of how such a service can help e-commerce developers minimize on development efforts required to generate the PDF receipts and integrating email providers to have these receipts delivered to users emails, at the same time it can drastically reduce the cost incurred by business owners on these integrations.

James is a developer who builds e-commerce solutions. Having worked with hundreds of customers and with their ever-changing requirements, he often feels, it’s a sheer waste of time to search for a reliable PDF library and setup it every time a new project comes in, he also has to set up email services to send these digital receipts, either on the client’s production servers or via third-party email service providers every time.

Issues creating PDF receipts:

Not many good PDF libraries exist out there, and those which exist, are not so easy to use. It’s often a challenge finding a good PDF library to use with the programming language of your choice(Imagine a PHP library to be used.ASP.NET or vice-versa), setting up 3rd party libraries on client production servers and the learning curve required to integrate them are time taking.

Issues sending email receipts:

Similarly, setting up email services to send PDF receipts comes with its own challenges. One can use the production server to send the email receipts, but due to poor server reputations, the emails originated from them often land in user’s spam folders which defeats the overall purpose of sending emails in the first place. If you want guaranteed email delivery, you can use any reputed ESP’s (email service providers) like SendGrid but it can be very costly especially if you are a small business and don’t process too many order emails per month(The minimal recurring cost can run up-to $80 USD with a dedicated IP address).

The Solution: OxeBox Digital Receipts API

Keeping in mind the above scenarios, OxeBox has come up with a REST-based API, that can be invoked from any programming language of your choice, automatically creates PDF receipts and sends them to recipient’s email address via their dedicated email service,

Benefits of using OxeBox digital receipts API:

  1. Free to use for businesses: Small business can send up to 300 email receipts per month for FREE. Each additional email would cost only around a cent.
  2. No PDF library integration required: Developers don’t have to search for a new PDF library for every language they use, no need to set-up library and no learning curve in integrating them. OxeBox API automatically generates PDF receipts with the billing data passed to it.
  3. No ESP integration required: Developers don’t have to set up the email service on the production server or no hassle of integrating with ESPs. OxeBox API automatically sends the PDF receipts to customer’s email address with its dedicated email service.

Other benefits of using OxeBox API are, businesses can put their promotional offers and social media handles like Facebook, Instagram etc on these receipts which helps interacting more with the customers without spending on marketing

So, what are the steps to integrate OxeBox API?

Integrating OxeBox API with any e-commerce solution requires 3 simple steps.

  1. Signup as a developer on the RapidAPI platform and obtain your developers key.
  2. Go through the API documentation and integrate OxeBox API in the language of your choice.
  3. Based on your business needs, Invoke the REST API & send receipts instantly

Please do give it a try and let us know your feedback in the comments. You can also reach us at info@oxebox.com for any queries.

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