Top 5 Shopify Apps to increase sales and user engagement


Okay so you’ve got your spanking brand new eCommerce store live on Shopify and managed to get some initial traction as well but how do you engage with your users and get them to keep coming back to your store.

Over 600,000 merchants use Shopify to run their online stores. And it’s very easy to understand, as Shopify makes it super simple to not just launch an online store but also help merchants to automate sales, receipts, and even marketing & promotion activities.

Shopify has an awesome ‘Shopify App Store’ filled with awesome apps to help you grow your business.

However we do understand that it’s not easy to filter through thousands of apps to choose the app which will be best for your business.

Sometimes a multitude of options does more harm than good especially when you’re starting out hence we wanted to list down some of the best Shopify apps to help you increase your user engagement and sales in this post.

Ready to jump in?

  1. GrooveJar (for lead capture)

GrooveJar helps Shopify stores convert visitors into customers with email popups and more.
It provides a powerful tool for lead capturing and conversion that can help boost the conversion rate on your Shopify store.
GrooveJar allows Shopify store owners to capture the email addresses of visitors via different, fully-customizable pop-up tools.
GrooveJar is the Shopify app to use for converting your site’s visitors into customers.

Integrations : It also has integrations in place with some of the most popular platforms like Mailchimp,  Sendgrid, Hubspot, Zapier.

Pricing : Pricing starts at $19/month for the basic plan but they do have a 7 day free trial with upto 100 impressions which should help you try out the product.

2. (Image Compression and SEO Optimization) helps you take your Shopify store to the next level. It is the fastest way to increase Site Speed & Search Engine Ranking and consequently – conversions. Merchants primarily use it as an Image compression and SEO optimization tool. It ensures your images are optimized for the web and your website performance is optimum. allows merchants to simply set and forget as it not only automatically compress images as you upload them to your Shopify store, but it also retroactively compresses existing images to your specifications.

Pricing : pricing starts at $4.99/month for the Micro plan but they also have a Free plan which allows upto 25MB of images.

3. Yotpo (for user reviews)

User Reviews are one the most important components of the purchasing process for any buyer and more so for online buyers.

A majority of consumers if not all now read online reviews and are more likely to make a purchase from a site that offers user reviews. If you’re not leveraging user reviews to build credibility for your business then you’re missing out on one of the most effective ways to win customer confidence and trust.

Yotpo is a customer content marketing platform that helps brands of all sizes generate and leverage reviews, photos, and Q&A throughout the buyer journey to build trust, drive traffic, and increase conversion.

Yotpo makes it easy for your customers to review their purchases by sending a review reminder email after an interval the merchant determines which is an effective way to capture reviews.

You can also use Yotpo to manage user-generated content across your social media channels.

Integrations : Yotpo has integrations with  Facebook, Instagram, Google, SwellRewards, Zendesk.

Pricing : Yotpo has a Free (forever!) plan which is designed for the needs of small businesses and stores that are just starting out. It has all  the basic features sufficient for merchants in early stage. For mature businesses they have a Growth plan (starting at $29 / month), It has additional features like Reviews Carousel, Rich Snippets, Coupons, Email Upsells, and tons of other features for growing businesses.

4. OxeBox (for receipts, abandoned carts, email campaigns)

Most merchants think about getting a sale which is important but it’s the post sales engagement which makes the users come back to your store and do a repeat purchase. Digital receipts should be  a key component of your Shopify store marketing strategy.

OxeBox helps you send interactive and engaging email receipts which can be easily customised on the fly with promotional offers, social media handles, and video which helps boost sales and retention.

In addition to receipts OxeBox also helps you send Email Newsletters and create Abandoned Cart email campaigns to recover lost sales and increase user engagement for your Shopify store.

Unlike other apps in similar category OxeBox allows you to send UNLIMITED newsletter campaigns with 15 free templates to choose from which can be further customised on their simple and intuitive tool.

Pricing : OxeBox pricing starts at $9/month for an all inclusive fully featured version. It’s very straightforward with NO limitations on features for their paid plan. They do have a 30 days free trial with all features enabled.

5. ai.Video – Smart Facebook Video Ads (for Automatic video ads creation and Facebook campaign setup)

With a wide array of products and websites it not easy to differentiate your website, that’s where “Smart Facebook Video Ads by Aitarget” helps you launch a video ad campaign on Facebook, so that you can enjoy swift growth in the number of your website viewers with minimal effort and time.

The app automatically designs a dynamic video with top 5 or 10 bestsellers from your Shopify store. If you do not have enough purchases yet to define a bestseller, the app will select the first five products for your video.

The video becomes the creative for your Facebook ad campaign, distributed across top 5 regions with most conversions.

The intelligent software calculates the best possible ad performance. “Smart Facebook Video Ads by Aitarget” is a brainchild of Aitarget, the official Facebook marketing partner, and is designed by people with more than ten years’ experience in digital and social media marketing.
Integrations : Facebook Pages,  Facebook Ads, Facebook Pixel
Pricing : The app is completely free to use however the costs associated with running Facebook ads are extra.

Apps for Shopify are what makes a good e-commerce Shopify store great. If you aren’t putting them to use in your Shopify storefront, you’re missing out on several creative ways to add value to your store. All five of the apps recommended here come with a free trial, as do others — so you could get up and running with some of the best apps right away.

We broadly covered a category of apps needed for a successful shop and increase sales, but we know there are plenty more awesome Shopify apps out there. Now that you’ve had a chance to see our selection of Shopify apps, feel free to recommend some other options in the comments below.

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